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The Supreme Court Is Not Our Friend SCOTUS has consistently allowed federal powers to expand

Posted on Monday, July 02, 2012 11:01:35 AM by SeekAndFindThe relationship between conservatives and the Supreme Court is rather like that between Charlie Brown and Lucy Van Pelt in autumn. She always holds the football as if Charlie Brown has a fair shot at kicking it, and then she always snaps the ball away at the last moment.


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How many times has this happened? It has been going on since the New Deal.When FDR began pushing through quasi-fascist policies administered by men who expressed a dreamy admiration for what Mussolini had been doing to “solve” Italy’s problems, the Supreme Court actually functioned in its only useful constitutional role: as a guardian against the power lust of the other branches of the federal government.Our own “Duce,” FDR, planned to pack the Supreme Court by adding more justices than the nine on the bench in order to get decisions which allowed his vast empire of federal programs, with all the attendant political power from patronage and perks, to proceed unmolested by an independent judiciary.


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The court-packing scheme failed, but the impact of his plan worked: the Supreme Court became docile. “A switch in time saves nine” was the quip at the time.Since then, the Supreme Court has consistently tacked left and allowed federal power to extend into almost every area of public life. Beyond that, the Supreme Court has been an active agent of leftism in many areas. It was not the president or Congress which stripped from state legislatures the power to regulate abortion. It was, instead, the Supreme Court, in an opinion written by one of those notional “Republican” justices which made prenatal infanticide a constitutional right under most circumst

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via The Supreme Court Is Not Our Friend SCOTUS has consistently allowed federal powers to expand.

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