Gen. George Washington; the Original One Percenter?

VENICE, Pa. — To the 13 families living in this Western Pennsylvania village, Gen. George Washington was an arrogant, elite Virginian who dared to claim ownership of the land where they had built log cabins, grown crops and conducted their lives for nearly 15 years.

To them, he was “the first true 1-percenter,” local historian Clayton Kilgore said, recalling Occupy protesters’ description of wealthy Americans.


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Washington represented everything they despised, according to Kilgore.

“These were Scotsmen who identified with the Covenanters, those Gaelic warriors who opposed King Charles’ tax policies,” he said. “They held anything associated with government in utter contempt.” Based on the standards of that time, when great land ownership meant great wealth, Washington indeed was very rich — quite possibly the wealthiest man in the fledgling nation.

He owned nearly 60,000 acres, spread out between Western Pennsylvania and present-day West Virginia. This particular tract contained approximately 3,000 acres given to him by the British for his French and Indian War service………….


via Gen. George Washington; the Original One Percenter?.


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12 Responses to Gen. George Washington; the Original One Percenter?

  1. Your characterizations in this story are pretty spot-on. But I think it best to emphasize more how very generous Washington was in his dealings with these squatters.

  2. Gunny G says:

    lotsa unknown info–online– re washington (george), constitution, etc. by ed rivera, a now disbarred, non-pc lawyer…not for the herd…thinkers only…

    Semper Watching!
    Gunny G
    aka: Dick Gaines

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  11. Thank you for the tip.

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