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Neil Munro works for the Los Vegas Sun, the locally owned and independent newspaper that was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service, considered the best news website in the nation and also won the DuPont Award for broadcast journalism. Young Neil is one of the White House reporters expected not to ask serious questions that reveal the warts in today’s presidential policies. On June 15th 2012, Neil broke the unnamed rule to never ask a question when the president had no advance written notice.

That never applied to our previous presidents who freely endured shouts, mainly insulting questions meant to be demeaning by the likes of Dan Rather and the partisan ancient lady reporter Helen Thomas, who was called on cue by both Republican and Democrat presidents as a tradition to be first to present a question which was obviously venom bent. She sat on the front row seat to lead the flock of “reporters” questions that every president going back to the Eisenhower’s administration is an unnamed tradition. The major media had a ball commenting on Thomas’ and Rather’s questioning and their persistent diatribes in an interrogatory format followed on by vehement opinions in the leftist Cronkite tradition.

Both Helen Thomas and Dan Rather tested the limits of temperament of mainly Republican presidents. The liberals in the press corps had a vendetta that was coordinated between them against especially Nixon and Reagan but hardly any criticism of Clinton; rather they offered silence for his sexual antics long before the Lewinski episode in the Oval Office. Dan Rather on nightly CBS News broadcasts would continue his assault followed on in a coordinated fashion by all the other controlled major media outlets influenced by Marx, Engels and the Hollywood notable socialist philosophy. That philosophy still permeates the new crop of White House reporters, obedient devotees, who soft pedal questions to Obama, the kind that make boredom and mediocrity a placebo digested by a dumbed down public to swallow.

There is real fear of being fired for breaking the thug-like power of a president that none really know who is this man who came out of nowhere; who never held a job other than a community organizer; who never ran a business, who never accomplished anything except being backed by Chicago’s political corrupt Daley administration and while in office never wrote a bill and voted present or no on all matters conservative, and most of his term as one of the two Illinois’ senators, spent laying the ground work to capture the presidency. No doubt outside, powerful forces were involved in guiding him, selecting him as a presidential candidate. Before he launched his campaign, both he and Hillary Clinton were invited to meet with the Bilderberg Group; John McCain was not invited. During the campaign and as president his power is such as to prevent the opening of his school records, financial records, clear documentation of his birth, academic grades…………….


via Joe Kress — Shut Up I’m Speaking – No Questions.


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