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Thankfully, America’s founders got their motivation not from the Bible but from the European Enlightenment and Deism. Deism is belief in God based on the application of our reason on the laws and designs in Nature. Deists believe the designs point us to our Designer, or “Nature’s God” as is described in the Declaration of Independence. Deism also rejects unreasonable ideas such as walking on water and raising the dead.

Thomas Jefferson, who is credited with writing the Declaration of Independence, was a Deist. It’s reasonable to believe this was a major reason the Declaration of Independence was written as a Deistic document. It is a Deistic and not a Christian document because it only mentions God in Deistic terms and NEVER mentions Christianity, the Bible, or Jesus as a Christian document would.

This Fourth of July be sure to mention to your family and friends what a great Deistic document the Declaration of Independence is! And also let them know that if the Bible at Romans 13:1-7 is right, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and all of the founders and Americans who took part in the American Revolution are right now suffering “damnation” from the Bible god!



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