***Think Roberts was wrong? Just Listen To Mark Levin***

If you have any doubts that Justice Roberts was wrong just listen to Mark Levin….He’s ready to fight the Revolution again……

Official 2005 photo of Chief Justice John G. R...

Official 2005 photo of Chief Justice John G. Roberts (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now Mark isn’t what you’d called subtle….when he gets upset he let’s it all hang out, and that is why I love him……that’s how I get….I scream and yell and vent against the enemy bambi and his criminal accomplices in the Senate……


gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

But I can assure you, if bambi care had been killed, Mark Levin wouldn’t be mounting the attack he is……an attack we really need to win

John Roberts saw that America hated this law and bambi and his criminal henchmen, but the GOP and the Tea Parties weren’t fired up enough to fight this fight the way it needs to be fought…..NO PRISONERS

Justice Roberts has pissed off a tremendous amount of folks, Rush and Mark and our other media folks like Sean and the others are ready to rumble……and there is no denying that it was Justice Roberts that has brought this conservative pot to boiling……it was his ruling that awakened a sleeping giant and filled it with a terrible resolve….

So I stand behind Mark Levin as he is screaming right now on the radio…..you’re right Mark, we need to clean out these criminals and force the GOP to grow some back bone……

And you are our Thomas Payne…….call us to arms….we have been waiting for this cleansing for years, and we are ready willing and able to meet on the field of ideas and clean house, (and Senate, too)…..


via ***Think Roberts was wrong? Just Listen To Mark Levin***.


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