An Independence Day that rallied patriots to the cause


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By Judi McLeod Thursday, July 5, 2012Three rousing cheers today for the ‘A Team’ behind The Campaign to Defeat Obama, who took to the airwaves over UStream on July 4thto raise $250,000 for mega advertising in the four swing states Obama won in 2008 but is now at risk of losing.


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The states are Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan and Nevada.The five-hour long Campaign to Defeat Obama Telethon from AM720 KDWN, out of Las Vegas, was hosted by “Central Florida’s 1st Lady of Space Coast”, Radio Patriot talk show host Andrea Shea King; Christian author and speaker Selena Owens and the much loved and celebrated “black, unhyphenated American” Lloyd Marcus.

Held on the first Independence Day since the Supreme Court ruling on destructive Obamacare, the Telethon proved the passion and zeal of patriots who flocked to King, Owens and Marcus, raising them the money for the fight to defeat Obama and his obsessive mission for the Fundamental Transformation of America.


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Even on July 4th’s traditional, nation-wide celebration of American independence, patriots took time to press the contribution button or to call the Telethon’s main phone number to put The Campaign to Defeat Obama over the top.Latter day Patrick Henrys were apparent among the show’s many guests, including Herman Cain and David Limbaugh among many others.

Canada Free Press live-streamed the Telethon from its front page and CFP editor Judi McLeod was also a proud guest.The Telethon, which continues on via over the next two days is proof positive that American Patriots and the Tea Party are alive, bustling and up to the job of ridding their country of the most un-American president in U.S. history.Let them be clear: No one but the negative nay sayers are giving up on the fight to chase Obama right down to the polling booth on November 6, recent SCOTUS betrayal notwithstanding.SCOTUS didn’t end the battle for American independence from Big Government, it merely cleared the way for the battle to begin.

God Bless America may have been sung all over the fruited plain on the 236th Birthday of the mighty and noble United States of America, but nowhere was it more heartrending than when Lloyd Marcus belted it out during the last few moments of the Campaign to Defeat Obama telethon………….


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