The Perfect Manchurian Candidate – John S. Torell


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During World War II, some American soldiers were captured in the Pacific and taken to the province of Manchuria (part of China) by the Japanese military command. There they were exposed to tremendous torture and brainwashing, also known as “mind control.” The Japanese were not the only ones engaged in this terrible crime against human beings. The Soviets and the Germans had their programs, so did the British at Tavistock and the Americans at Fort Dietrich, outside Washington D.C.

In 1945, when the war was over, certain groups within the American intelligence operation decided to bring as many German scientists, engineers and intelligence personnel as possible to the United States in a secret project known as “Operation Paper Clip.”[1] This program was run by a secret unit of the CIA and one of the goals was to perfect a program, where a person could be taken as a young child and then by splitting the young child’s personality into multiple personalities, a secret coded message could be planted deep within the brain that would be activated using certain memory triggers by the handlers. Captured enemy soldiers are also used in this kind of human abuse.


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During my years as a pastor I have run across several people who had been exposed to this type of mind control and it was very hard to help them to be set free from the controls that were placed in them.


The people running the different intelligence services in the United States are well aware that secret operations taking place under the guise of “national security” will eventually be known by the American public. In order to combat this, they work with writers and movie producers in Hollywood. True information is given to the producers of books and script writers and they are told to write it like fiction. When books and movies are then released, people view it as fantasy and entertainment and the government can keep their dirty secrets.

In 1959, Richard Condon (right), a former sailor in the American Merchant Marines was working as a writer in Hollywood and his superior was an American Jew by the name of Max E. Youngstein.[i] Richard was given material concerning mind control, and in 1959 his book, “The Manchurian Candidate” was published. The plot was that an American army patrol had been captured during the Korean War in 1952 and taken to Manchuria where they had been brainwashed. Once they were released secretly back into the American lines, they eventually wound up back in the U.S. The main character in later years ended up in a plot to take over the White House and turn the United States over to the Communists.

Another American Jew, George Axelrod, made a movie out of the book in 1962. The result is that the masses in America view this as fiction and will reject all information of what is going on in the real world. Amazingly, a new version of the film was made and released in 2004 with the same name. This time the main character emerged from “Desert Storm” in the Middle East, and again the handlers of the Manchurian Candidate were using him to capture the White House.


via The Perfect Manchurian Candidate – John S. Torell.


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