Why Did Barack Obama Let Terry Lakin Go to Jail?


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Former Lt. Col. Terry Lakin knows what despair feels like. He felt it full-bore on a late December day in 2010. Having been stripped of his rank, income, benefits, pension, and authority at court martial, this much-honored 17-year U.S. Army veteran was about to lose his freedom.

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the...

English: Barack Obama delivers a speech at the University of Southern California (Video of the speech) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The good doctor had refused deployment to Afghanistan. He had been there before in his role as flight surgeon and would have been happy to go again. He had his bags packed and was ready to leave. All he asked from his commander-in-chief before boarding the plane was a sign, a nod to the constitutional niceties, a show of his birth certificate. It was not forthcoming.

Now, Lakin was on his way to Fort Leavenworth‘s Joint Regional Correctional Facility. Of all his hardship deployments, Bosnia included, this would be the hardest. After he bid a tearful farewell to his wife and three young children, his military minders chained his hands together and attached those chains to a band around his waist. They chained his legs and attached those, too. They then loaded him into a van and drove him to Reagan National.

There, Lakin endured his ultimate humiliation: a seemingly endless perp walk — a shuffle really — through a concourse filled with flags and patriotic bunting and the happy sight of returning soldiers. None of the display had lost its appeal, but Lakin could not overlook the irony of his being chained and bound amidst it all.



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3 Responses to Why Did Barack Obama Let Terry Lakin Go to Jail?

  1. 32eagle says:

    yes BORAX-tell us why you committed treason in this Lakin incident-treason-in the McKrystal incident treason-walking into the Pentagon-treason,viewing TopSecret information -treason-and I believe your senate escapade was during wartime-and you are an illegal alien now just like then-guess what treason back then too-how long have you been an enemy spy to this USA?This aint baseball where you get three strikes-you are a terrorist-and you need to be headed to the gallows for the thousands of serious crimes against real citizens your illegal alien A$$ has committed-the nerve of your shameful self acting like you are really something while the masses suffer !!!You have been shielded from harm and prosecution from the courts,from we the people,and there on capitol hill-your communist conspirators are still in defense mode-you know that the chinese having such high tech helicopters all of a sudden throws suspicion on you personally-a foreigner with no USA citizenship-a lying crook-unfit to be on our soil-you are a parasite

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