Farah: Obama guilty of ‘treason’

President Obama is guilty of “treason of the highest order” for his role in the “Fast & Furious” scandal, WND Editor and CEO Joseph Farah declared on the July 5 Alex Jones Show.

In the 45-minute interview, Jones and Farah discussed some of the leading issues of the day.

First, Farah called the massive government control in Americafascism.”

“When you’ve got major corporations in bed with government, there’s only one name for that,” he said. “Look it up in the dictionary. There’s only one name for that, and it’s fascism. The trend is to a worldwide fascist cabal.”

He championed free enterprise, freedom of speech and “a healthy and lively debate on issues that there are no sacred cows.”

Then, near the 19:00 mark, Farah called “Fast & Furious” one of “the biggest government scandals I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.”



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via Farah: Obama guilty of ‘treason’.

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