Obama’s birth certificate forger has been found, now what GOP? « « Coach is RightCoach is Right

By George Spelvin, staff writer

The mystery man alleged to have created President Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate has been found by Sheriff Joe Arpaio investigators who are calling him their “person of interest” as being the one who they are convinced pulled off the long form forgery according to a GLOBE world exclusive investigative report!


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The Cold Case Posse’s next blockbuster press conference coming soon will be SHOCKING according to lead sleuth Mike Zullo.

This monumental revelation comes on the heels of the briefing paper given to Great Britain’s House of Lords by Lord Christopher Monckton declaring “Mr. Obama’s legitimacy is now materially in doubt.”

Calling Obama’s disqualification from office a “dislocation more severe than the fall of Nixon,” the author of the Hereditary Peers’ Briefing Paper is predicting that the sheer enormity of the Obama eligibility issue will drive it upward in America’s political agenda even in spite of being ignored by the media and both political parties! Lord Monckton tells his heritage peers that considerable implications exist for Her Majesty’s government and the West because of the great financial uncertainty such an upheaval bodes. “Of central importance (is) to the United States who’s Constitution may have been flouted and circumvented in a material way.”


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The twenty page briefing, published last month in London is a concise and very academic collection of what’s wrong with the three birth certificate documents released by the White House. “Yet the copy birth certificate (pg. 12) has a clipping mask within the margins. This option can only occur by DELIBERATE MANIPULATION,” says the British Lord. He expresses special unease by Barack Obama’s signing Executive Order 13489 on Jan. 21, 2009, that prevents disclosure of any of his records. “The sealing of the President’s records appears to have been carried out to an exceptional and costly degree.”

Dealing very specifically with duplication issues, the member of the UK Parliament says, (pg. 7), “investigators show no optimization or optical character recognition caused these layers,” in reference to the nine layers in question. He also points out by virtue of U.S. legal precedent in Brady v. Maryland (373 US 83, 1963) that “attorneys for anyone accused of a criminal offence signed into statute by Obama have the right to request access to Hawaii’s original birth record!” Hawaii’s refusal to release the birth certificate of the deceased Virginia Sunahara to her brother to prove “its sequential number was not identical with that now showing on the President’s birth certificate,” troubles Monckton because Hawaiian law allows sharing of long form birth certificates to common ancestor relatives……………….


via Obama’s birth certificate forger has been found, now what GOP? « « Coach is RightCoach is Right.


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20 Responses to Obama’s birth certificate forger has been found, now what GOP? « « Coach is RightCoach is Right

  1. 32eagle says:

    Looks like Obama and Hawaii have alot of explaining to do-we do not want more lies,more stalling for time,we want you to hold your hands out-you are under arrest !!! Hawaii protecting an illegal alien-they sure wouldn’t have done that for a mexican would you?

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