Occupy Obama!

It’s 120 days out—the last grueling mile to November 6 elections—so there’s no better time to ‘Occupy Obama’!

Occupy Obama! Get right in his face; go crashing through the shadow boxing style of the there now, gone-next-minute, like-to-hide Obama Regime and their dirty dozens of unelected, revolutionary, 1960s czars who keep trying to blow their marijuana smoke up the wazoos of the proletariat.

Thank the lazy louts at Occupy Wall Street (OWS) for putting a name to the most important battle you will ever fight: Occupy Obama! Obama, his bundlers, Hollywood hangers on, his crony capitalist buds, Islamic bosom pals and Communist mentors owe Thanks, to OWS for showing the world how the 44th President of the U.S.A. and his repressive regime ARE, and have always been, the greedy and capacious 1 percent.

Boo Barack and Michelle, who in their Community Organizer obsessions, have convinced themselves they are special, wherever they go.

Don’t be so polite to the enemy who is tearing your country apart. Be plucky, bold and ready to stand your ground instead.

Smoke Soetoro out: Trying through PR to walk back the audacity, the White House is now saying that Obama hasn’t really invited Egypt’s newly elected Islamist president, Mohamed Mursi to the White House, but will only throw fleeting glances at Mursi in New York at the at the United Nations General Assembly.

The UN General Assembly meets in New York in September. ‘Nana Bloomers’ notwithstanding, New York isn’t still part of the continental USA?

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is scheduled to meet Mursi on Saturday in any case.

Obama and Company are stomping all over your sensibilities and have been doing so since January 2009. Stomp right back on theirs and watch the comical howls of protest from pretty boys George Clooney, Tom Hanks and all those malcontents who would take down America while banking its money.

Ignore the thousand-a-day conspiracies coming at you over the Internet. Worry only about what’s real. Obama has already captured and is going to assassinate your country. That’s the most pressing gross reality of our times.

via Occupy Obama!.

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