Gunny G: What’s Left of The REAL “American People” and THEIR Opinion?: The Majority of This Present Bunch Could Care Less About This BS!…

GyG: So, ya really think the average “American” of today gives a big rat’s @$$ about principles like this ????


David Crockett To Bono: “It’s NOT Yours To Give

Crockett To Bono: “It’s NOT Yours To Give”

By Mary Starrett
August 12, 2007

The Republican National Committee has signed on to endorse a proposal by Irish rocker Bono to commit American taxpayers to spending $30 million to “eliminate global poverty.”

As if any amount of tax payer funds would actually accomplish that goal. What usually happens is the money extracted from us to fund these wealth transfers first fills the pockets of foreign fat cat dictators while barely a trickle ends up lining empty food bowls.

History has shown us socialism does not work. Countries laboring under the delusion that Utopia can be achieved by making sure all have ‘what they need’ necessitates that relatively few must labor to provide for all. Bono’s ill-advised scheme is socialism. The Republican Party has agreed to consign Americans to the same fate as other socialist countries with its recent endorsement of Bono’s global goody bag.

Bono, the mouthpiece for environmentalism, global wealth transfer and socialist policy in general owns several opulent mansions throughout the world and travels by jet. The four engine behemoth he flies (while admonishing you to drive a hybrid) gets about 3 miles per gallon. (So much for the imperiled ozone, the Kyoto treaty and greenhouse gasses.)

What we now see is the GOP unabashedly aligning itself with a man who travels the world advocating taxpayers (especially the porcine capitalists in America) fund every bloated ostensibly humanitarian project the UN can cook up. Ironically, Bono has moved his lucrative music enterprise out of his native Ireland and to the Netherlands to offset a huge tax bill with nary a wimper about this Bono factoid in our liberal press.

With planes, mansions, off shore tax shelters and a world-wide bully pulpit to tell Americans how they should fund millions for tin pot dictators in far flung lands- Bono’s got it all figured out about how much and to whom you must give to charity.

And the Republicans have signed you up for this lunacy. The Republicans- the party of limited government whose control of the White House and/or both houses of Congress for a quarter century has resulted in quadrupled federal spending.

English: Oil on canvas portrait of Davy Crocke...

English: Oil on canvas portrait of Davy Crockett; original size without frame 76.2×63.5 cm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would that time travel were possible; I’d introduce Davy Crockett to this bonehead Bono. Davy Crockett was a U.S. Congressman from Tennessee- not just some coon-skin capped fictional character. Based on the following story I suspect the fabled frontiersman Davy Crockett would have a few well-chosen- albeit sharp- words for Mr. Bono.

In the early 1800′s Congress was considering a bill…………

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