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“Gunny Bob” assails Muslims after Fort Dix attack
By Dick Kreck
Denver Post Staff Columnist
Article Last Updated: 05/13/2007 09:14:58 PM MDT

Don Imus paid the price for his crude remark about Rutgers female basketball players, but “Gunny Bob” Newman has defamed an entire religion and, so far, gotten away with it.

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The Ron Paul Rebellion, Sovereignty, Stopping America’s Suicide!

May 21, 2007
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Ron Paul & the GOP: I Told You So
I told you so. The two Republican debates (MSNBC and FOX [Faux] News) and the fallout proves my point exactly. It is truly remarkable to see the vicious attacks against Congressman Ron Paul by his own party. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, an apparent relative of Elmer Fudd, stated the day after the FOX {Faux} debate that Ron Paul not only shouldn’t be allowed to participate in future debates, but he shouldn’t be allowed in the GOP!……

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Do You Consider Yourself a Libertarian?

Kenny Johnsson interviews Lew Rockwell for The Liberal Post

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Johnsson: Do you consider yourself a libertarian?

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By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

May 25, 2007

Those of you who heard my radio program back in 2001 know that I predicted then that George W. Bush would do to the Republican Party much the same thing that Bill Clinton did to the Democratic Party. However, I must confess, I could not then realize the magnitude of that prediction.

Most of us remember that it was the election of Bill Clinton in 1992 that was the impetus for the Republican revolution of 1994. If you recall, a congressional election sweep of the magnitude of 1994 had not been seen in the previous seventy years. It is a truism that Bill Clinton helped to elect more Republicans than the Republican National Committee could ever dream about. Now, the same thing is happening with George W. Bush. In spades!

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May 30, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul Targeted For ‘Destruction’ By US War Leaders

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Political scientists from the Russian Political Science Association are reporting today about an ‘unusual’ American Presidential candidate, named Ron Paul, and who is a current US Congressman from the State of Texas, who has so raised the animosity of the United States War Leaders against him that he has been ‘targeted for destruction’ by them.

Though the election for the next American President is not due to take place until November, 2008, the United States procedure for selecting their Presidential Candidates rests upon a series of Primaries where the individual American States select their choices for who will represent them at their Party Conventions.

This type of election system has in the past ‘chosen’, by default, the Presidential Candidates as early as 9 months prior…

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Did Franklin Delano Roosevelt read the book Philip Dru Administrator?

July 12, 2012 3 comments

Sadly, the book Philip Dru has been a hot topic amongst conspiracy websites for quite a long time, and I would use the term “hijacked” – Philip Dru has been hijacked by conspiracy websites.

English: Statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt i...

English: Statue of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in wheelchair Svenska: Staty av Franklin Delano Roosevelt i rullstol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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FBI: George Zimmerman Tried to Buy More Guns After Trayvon Shooting

July 12, 2012 2 comments

Update (12:50 p.m. EDT): The entire batch of new evidence is available on Scribd now, Weiner points out via Twitter. So is a recording of the police and fire radio traffic from the night of the shooting, via the Orlando Sentinel.

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