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If There is a Satan, His Home is America

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There are no people in the world like Americans. Americans love their country so much and have, because of that blinded love, Americans have become, if any people today are, the representation of the power of Satan on earth.

That love turns to hate quickly and never with a moment of thought that those who point the fingers, where to bomb, where to hit, are, invariably the enemy themselves.

Americans lie. America’s real history is stealing land from Indians, slavery, treachery of every kind at every turn, the Mexican War, the Spanish American War, the Robber Barons who owned our government then, 150 years ago and whose great grandchildren help control the world and orchestrate war, drug dealing, eternal disease and poverty, these are American also.

This is the heritage of American “conservatives.”

More American heritage is that of crime, imported from the sewers of Europe, some organizations centuries old, criminals to prey upon a nation of immigrants, keeping them in generations of slavery while our cities grew tall and fat and hard, cities governed by criminals, as they are today, industries controlled by cabals of gangsters, hardly just banking, oil and defense, all of them, from timber and coal to diamonds and gold, all rigged, fixed like our elections.

Our government has and always will be the collection of thieves we deserve. No office can be held without the nod from the mob leaders, without millions in drug money flowing in.

Moments ago, I was watching a youtube video of a county sheriff talking about his oath. Before 3 words were out, he began to show his real bosses, the timber companies. For others, it is the mine owners, the plunderers of the land, fracking America into a poisoned pit of filth.

We love America so much we put our children in schools we hate, move them on to jails and prisons where they are sexually abused, starved to death on frozen “pot pies” and baloney sandwiches made from discarded mouldy bread. 15 million of our children rot in prison, 2 million more serve in our military.

I was one of those. You can ride a “joystick” and destroy and enemy “convoy” that turns out to be a wedding party. You can load bales of heroin onto planes, told that this is how we “stabilize” Afghanistan as we stabilized so many other nations before, across South and Central America, Southeast Asia, always leaving death in our wake.

America? One family, the Bush boys, 3 generations of them, managed to put one commodity on a downward price spiral, perhaps the only economic success we enjoy. Our children can now buy heroin and cocaine, ecstasy and “meth” at bargain prices, dropping every day as planeloads fly in from around the world or are carried over the Mexican border that we talk of so much but leave wide open.

We used to just love slave labor but the drug money pays better. But who does it pay?

Drug money pays those who talk the loudest, the gun totin’ sheriffs, the prosecuting attorneys, those empowered with protecting our borders, those who run our banks and, most of all, drug money flows into the retirement funds of our congress.

They get several billion dollars a year in drug profits.

Why do we have 15 million of our kids locked up? Drugs.

This is the primary reason and to market drugs in a carefully orchestrated collapsed economy is like selling candy to a baby, which, of course, is what we do.

What are our other addictions? Americans pay. We don’t like taxes, instead prices of everything in America reflect rigging, every day, just to survive, bills arrive.

For those stupid enough, you can spend your entire income on texting, “tweeting” and “pay per view” television. We also pay for water, something quickly disappearing or sewers or electricity and the sulphurous smoke or invisible radiation that is the byproduct.

Every nuclear plant leaks, leaks a hundred times more than we are told, actually, we are never told.

Drive the highways, look at half of America’s trees, dying from acid rain, state after state, laws “revised” during the Bush43 regime, no poison deadly enough, no pollution dirty enough, nothing so bad that Americans can’t breath or eat or drink it, no medicine dangerous enough or expensive enough, not when there is profit to be made.

While you aren’t looking, we double the interest on your mortgage. Your home, years of savings and work, years of pride, now worthless, “upside down” as we call it, owned no longer by you but a bank.

Do they really own it?

Then we look at the banks, the money they lent wasn’t theirs, they things they say………….


via Let it Begin Here, the American Armageddon | Veterans Today.


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