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Rush Limbaugh: Obama ‘hates this country’

Says president trying to dismantle American dream brick by brick.

Rush Limbaugh booking photo from his arrest in...

Rush Limbaugh booking photo from his arrest in 2006. These charges were eventually dropped by the local prosecutor. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Radio giant Rush Limbaugh now claims President Barack Obama hates the United States and is actively doing his best to destroy the American dream.

“I think it can be said now without equivocation that he hates this country. He literally does. I’m not using that as a throwaway term,” Limbaugh said this afternoon. Ads by Google

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“I think he literally hates this country and is trying to dismantle the American dream. His policies are doing a damn good job of it. He’s turning more and more people out of work. He’s ensuring that the whole notion of creating wealth is becoming more and more difficult because of things he is putting in people’s way.”…

(Excerpt) Read more at wnd.com …

via Rush Limbaugh: Obama ‘hates this country’.


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