Who Wants the U.S. To Make War in Syria? (“Forget Democracy We need capitalism, not more neocon mass murder. Article by Mike Rozeff.”)


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There are people vigorously promoting America’s entry into new wars in Syria and Iran. Many of them eagerly advocated the U.S. aggressions against Iraqand Afghanistan. Despite the failures of these wars to achieve the projected goals, they are urging new U.S. wars. They are the neoconservatives.

They applaud U.S. military action in places like Libya, Yemen, and Somalia. The neoconservative paradigm also looks favorably upon a U.S. military presence in countries like Uganda, Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, and the Central African Republic.

Neoconservatives seek democracy almost everywhere, with the choice and emphasis depending on their interpretation of American interests and with lip service to costs. Zachary Selden writes

“The realist school of thought contrasts sharply with the neoconservative camp, whose agenda could not be unfamiliar to Woodrow Wilson. He too sought to remake the international system from a position of relative strength, to spread democracy and the rule of law. It is true that today’s [neoconservative] crusaders are not about to place their trust in international institutions to do the job, but the basic ideals are similar in that they seek to use American power to reshape the global environment in the name of a set of liberal democratic ideals.”

However, democracy is a failure in America and there are good reasons why it is a failure. (See Hoppe here.) Democracy doesn’t produce wealth. (For some evidence, see here.) Capitalism does. Capitalism involves free markets, the division of labor, the price system, the search for and making of profits, and well-defined and secure property rights, Democracy, especially of the unlimited variety that America increasingly resembles, involves endless political battles over the gains in wealth that capitalism produces. These battles and the resulting laws (supported by both major political parties) destroy capitalism. If liberalism in an economy means capitalism and if liberalism in politics is construed to mean democracy, they are in mortal conflict.

The neoconservative agenda by its expansive and highly challenging nature that involves war and remaking whole countries brings enormous costs without benefits. This is already evident. If I said that the neoconservatives in pushing for new wars have learned nothing from their erroneous aims and methods, I might be partly right, because I think they have little or no understanding of economics and capitalism. I’d also be partly wrong, because these people are intelligent and they know what has happened in these failed wars. It therefore also appears that they do not care what has happened. They are focused on their goals and attempts to reach those goals, no matter what the costs are. Even actual outcomes that are bad and do not achieve their goals do not matter to them. They stubbornly continue to call for more warfare and more interference in other nations.

What goals do the neoconservatives have? I will suggest only one at the moment, and it will be a goal that is much broader and deeper than what Selden has suggested. The most important leaders among the neoconservatives, such as William Kristol, promote American supremacy throughout the world. They want the U.S. to be the sole superpower and to remain the sole superpower. Their goal is the global hegemony of the U.S. See here and here.

If neoconservatives promote democracies, it is in order broadly to replicate the U.S. system and in the process to produce satellites that are compliant allies of the U.S. To achieve global hegemony, the neoconservatives want to build up a worldwide American military organization that dominates every continent along with worldwide economic institutions that tie every country to the U.S. The latter are by nature anti-capitalistic. They are centralized and monopolistic. They are instruments of tyranny run by an elite consisting of people who look just like neoconservatives.

The pro-war coalition has been very successful in getting America into wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan and elsewhere. It’s now working on Syria and Iran. Ordinary Americans have nothing to show for these wars. This is because global hegemony is a politico-military concept that does not translate into the generalized economic well-being of Americans. America has gone downhill since getting militarily involved in Iraq and Afghanistan. I challenge any and all neoconservatives to prove that ordinary Americans are better off for having the U.S. government spend 3.7 to 4.4 trillion dollars on these wars in Iraq and Central Asia. The burden of proof is on them because they promoted these wars. I would like to see them prove even that the $115 billion in “assistance” to Israel (over many years) has made ordinary Americans better off. The Congressional Research Service goes into great technical detail about the composition of this aid, but there is not a word about what its benefits are to Americans.

What the pro-war people consistently fail to do while spreading their ideas is to mention the many costs of their policies. These costs include but are not limited to………………


via Who Wants the U.S. To Make War in Syria? by Michael S. Rozeff.



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