Doolittle Raiders share memories of their exploits at EAA


Oshkosh – As they flew over Tokyo, Richard Cole and David Thatcherrealized with relief that Japanese anti-aircraft gunners had never before fired at enemy planes.



GyGRet (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


As the first Americans to strike Japan’s home islands during World War II, Cole and Thatcher found that the ack-ack-ack of the flak guns did little damage to the 16 B-25B Mitchell medium bombers that achieved fame as the Doolittle Raiders.


It was only four months after the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, and Japanese military commanders had promised their nation that it was invulnerable.



The American crews lost all their planes and their bombs did minimal damage, but the Doolittle Raid was considered a success, proving to be a big morale boost to Americans and a punch in the gut to Japan.


“When we were approaching Tokyo, there was a lot of anti-aircraft fire but it wasn’t accurate because they didn’t have much experience,” Thatcher told a large crowd at EAA AirVenture Wednesday.


Thatcher and Cole are among the five surviving members of the Doolittle Raid. During their visit to Oshkosh, they talked about their experiences, posing for photos and signing autographs as part of AirVenture’s salute to the Greatest Generation in the Air.


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