Was Abe Lincoln a Money Power Puppet? – henrymakow.com (“LINCOLN – USEFUL IDIOT AT BEST”)




…..He accomplished everything the Money Power wanted: (permanent) national indebtedness, strong central government,


Abraham Lincoln, Republican candidate for the ...

Abraham Lincoln, Republican candidate for the presidency, 1860 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


national banking system, national currency based on this indebtedness; everything that Henry Clay in failed to do in 1841: strong central Government, ‘National’ Banking System, ‘National’ Currency.



The Money Power was behind this agenda, which destroyed classical American decentralized political power, individualism and State Rights.


Many people in the alternative media believe this is a boon: it is not, one knows a tree by its fruit and, in the hands of the Rothschilds, the American Empire has been an incredible scourge to the world.


To many Americans even today the Government seems not too bad, but just ask the dozens of nations who have been destroyed by the US Government, from Germans, to Koreans, Cambodians, Vietnamese, Iraqi’s, etc.


In all these wars, the US was the Money Power’s Golem: doing their bidding as their, dimwitted, brutish goon.


So why was Lincoln murdered? Nobody knows. Perhaps his work was finished and he did seem to have resisted certain even more extreme measures.


Name789: “Between 1866 and 1868 Senator Doolittle said many times that Lincoln would not have gone along with radical reconstruction (to “reduce States to the condition of territories and citizens[whites] to the grade of vassals”). That would have been a lot more plausible reason for wasting him.”


It’s the same with Garfield, who was also murdered and later made into a hero, while during his life he was a reliable spokesman for banker bonds and Gold.




The Money Power always owns both sides of every conflict. The war gave them everything they wanted, including eternal indebtedness, their main hallmark.


Of course the war had nothing to do with slavery, which would have ended anyway, as it did throughout the civilized world.


Lincoln declared war without consulting Congress and creating ‘facts on the ground’, which did immeasurable damage to the rights of Legislative.


The Executive has got away with this up to this day Presidents start phoney wars all over the place, unhindered by an emasculated Congress.


During the war, Lincoln had tens of thousands of people in the North arrested for opposing it. During riots throughout the country, he had the Army repress them by shooting the protesters en masse.


In short: he was a tyrant of the worst kind…..






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