“Social Justice” is a Con


That’s right, I said it. “Social Justice” and all the derivative terms coined therefrom, are part of an elaborate con being played on average Americans by the Cultural Marxists and their sycophants in government and the suborned and complicit “media“.

Let me elaborate. As a former con-artist, I understand and recognize the important factors in any successful con game:

A believable foundation

A desirable outcome

A big lie

Lather, rinse, repeat as often as necessary to blind your “mark” to the obvious truth that they are being played.

If this were truly designed to address actual conditions in America, that would be one thing.

Sadly, it isn’t.

This is a tool of the progressive/socialist agenda to collapse America by removing individualism in favor of collectivism and central control. To delude, deceive, manipulate you into giving up that most precious of gifts from God: Liberty. The suborned and complicit media are the cheerleaders for the con. They also act as the confirming entity that is an essential part of any elaborate con (see my post “Takes One to Know One” for an example of this).

For justice, social and otherwise, is enshrined in our Constitution and laws.

“Social Justice” is designed and intended to remove your individual rights in return for collective slavery to an elite class of arbiters, or commissars, if you will.

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1 Response to “Social Justice” is a Con

  1. bop2112 says:

    solid, thanks gunny.

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