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By Suzanne Eovaldi, staff writer

Chicago has just received the worldwide distinction of being the “Deadliest Global City,” and I cried and cried. Sitting down here in Florida’s mind numbing summer heat, I watched the Cubbie Bears lose another one, and in another game I watched Anthony Rizzo drive a homerun out over the ivy. Tears just began to roll down my face. Oh, I love that town, its beauty so mixed with its violence. And I started back in time with the memories, oh, those memories. I loved walking down Michigan Avenue and feeling the soft lake breeze waft over me.

Sitting in a hospital room while visiting my Irish father in law, I remember looking out over the Mackinaw races on Lake Michigan, fondly called locally the Big Bathtub. I remember as a young bride my husband taking me to hear the cool jazz he so loved at Mister Kelly’s and another club on the near north whose name I’ve forgotten. I remember going down to an anti -protest movement in front of the Art Institute.

My colleague in the business department and his wife asked me to go with them as he was enraged the radicals walking all over the American Flag which was placed on the floor as part of an artist’s display inside the Museum. I stood next to a Viet Nam vet in the cold, pouring rain, and when I looked down at his wheelchair I saw he had no legs, and he, too, was crying and was cold.

I remember the strength of an all- male leadership contingent led by Mayor Daley the son that pulled together when a barge hit pilings on the Chicago River, and the Loop started to flood. By three that afternoon, the men had brought in a highly competent engineer and his team, and they had the situation handled, but the reporters raved about how cute he was, go figure.

I remember Mayor Daley the father issuing his famous “Shoot to Kill” order that stopped the hippie riots in that summer of 1968. One of my students talked about………….


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