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Aaron Dykes discussing the following article on Infowars Nightly News:


In a series of lectures (UNESCOhas killed the link since I published my original article on Infowars.com in february 2012) on the subject of eugenics organized by UNESCO’s Science and



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Ethics Commission, researcher Gwen Terrenoire elaborates on the practice and philosophy of eugenics in France before 1945 (editor’s note: thanks to ProudTruther.Com the file has been secured. Thank God for the alternative media!) In the course of the lecture, Terrenoire touches on the desire of many eugenicists to create a scientific dictatorship needed to orderly carry out eugenics. To clarify her main thesis, she channels top-eugenicist and pioneer researcher at the Rockefeller Institute of Medical Research Alexis Carrel:



“Carrel expresses more clearly than other eugenicists the dream of a State governed by eugenics, what



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Muchielli calls a biocratic utopia, where public policy is inspired by the scientific elite, with medicine prevailing over all other disciplines. He believed that his scientific approach would enable social and moral problems to be solved, and with this aim he recommended not only measures relating to hygiene and the protection of childhood but also the elimination, occasionally directly by euthanasia,



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more often indirectly by the sterilization of thousands of individuals judged to be dangerous for the future of the human race and an obstacle to the success of socalled biologically superior people.”


Alexis Carrel


Terrenoire’s invoking of the biocratic idea to create a “superior” class of men in a speech prepared for UNESCO is ironic. The temple she preached within is dedicated to the same biocratic deity she decries in her speech. By on the one hand describing the selective breeding of man, and on the other the extermination of the “inferior”- she adequately encapsulates the reasoning behind this biocratic ideal.


The biocratic thought is……..




via » Eugenic Supreme Rule: Effective Through Incrementalism Alex Jones’ Infowars: There’s a war on for your mind!.




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