VANITY: Why isn’t the Left attacking 2016? (More than it is already…)


It goes without saying that the Left absolutely hates Dinesh’s blockbuster, 2016. And those who do mention it, do so with a vitriol they once only reserved for the Bush clan. The real question is why aren’t all of them jumping on the bashwagon?



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The only plausible explanation is that they realize that any publicity can only help the movie… and the movie’s narrative. Unlike individuals, who can have their reputations and



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popularity tarnished by repeated attacks, this bit of cinema only shines brighter the more attention they draw to it. By keeping the tone scholarly and conversational, D’Souza effectively prevents quotes or snippets from being taken out of context and used in attacks.


Given that it is relatively immune to anything except ‘foaming at the mouth’ attacks, and even those assaults would only drive more people to the theater, liberals are hoping to ignore it to death. Unfortunately for them, the Uncertain Middle (the ones who watch both CNN and FOX) might be intrigued by what they are hearing and pony up their $9-$16 to see it firsthand.


I’d tell them to save their money but I want the theaters to continue to fill up for awhile longer. The reason I say this is that I strongly suspect he will push this to DVD and possibly to even free distribution sometime before November.


P.S. A relative asked my fourteen year-old daughter what movie she wanted to see, she picked 2016. I’m so proud of her! (This is the vanity portion of my post, ha!)




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