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Can the 2012 election for president be rigged? Several weeks ago Pat emailed me and asked me to look into that possibility. Shortly thereafter, Pat’s research team and I started doing our homework. What we uncovered might shock some. I know it did me.



In 2006, the “Secretary of State Project” aka “SOS,” was formed as a 527 political action committee. The goal of the committee was to help elect socialist Secretaries of State in swing states so as to affect the outcome of close races such as the 2000 presidential election.



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In the 2000 election, Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris said she would reject revised totals from the recount between President George W. Bush and Democratic nominee Al Gore that weren’t turned in by the mandatory deadline.


The issue went all the way to the Supreme Court and was decided in Bush’s favor. Socialists didn’t want election laws to be upheld, thus, they began maneuvering to elect those who would circumvent it.


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