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What Would Josey Do? By Matthew Hart « CITIZEN.BLOGGER.1984+ GUNNY.G BLOG.EMAIL



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When a government disregards the constitution meant to limit its power and uses its military against not only foreign powers who have neither attacked nor threatened attack but also against its own citizens, patriots should refuse service in that military and protest its abuse. The Founders warned against a standing army. They feared its use against citizens, and events such as Ruby Ridge and Waco justify that fear. Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act in 1878, in part, to prevent such events. Yet, our current president (and many of his predecessors) view such legislation as a low hurdle between themselves and total power.



It would seem that the plans of these would-be dictators include martial law and internment. A recent article in the San Francisco Chronicle by Lewis Seiler and Dan Hamburg, a former Congressman, discusses the president’s ability to declare martial law and arrest citizen and non-citizen protestors without the benefit of representation or trial. In addition, the piece mentions railroad cars outfitted with shackles and internment camps built within the United States, ostensibly for the transport and imprisonment of said detainees. The chilling similarities to Nazi and Soviet practices should alarm even the most skeptical of readers.


Our military is readying its recruits for such activity with questionnaires which ask soldiers not only if they’d swear allegiance to the United Nations, but whether they’d willingly fire upon US citizens in a martial law situation. That this damages what little remains of US sovereignty and flies in the face of the rule of law concerns our “leaders” not a bit. They view us as either cannon fodder or potential terrorists. The Founders’ greatest fears have come to pass.


An old family friend, recently deceased, used to wear a rubber bracelet stamped with the letters “WWJD”. They serve as a reminder to the wearer, when making difficult decisions, to ask himself “What Would Jesus Do?” This friend, however, always said that his stood for “What Would Josey Do?” He loved the movie, The Outlaw Josey Wales for its individualistic and anti-government themes, and it appeals to me for the same reasons. I’ve seen it many times and never tire of it. In the film, set near the end of and after the War Between the States, Josey Wales, played by Clint Eastwood, attempts to escape capture by bounty hunters and the pro-Union Missouri Redlegs who killed his wife and child. Near the end of the film, Josey negotiates peace with a Comanche chief called Ten Bears, and the dialogue between them stands as some of the best ever written in the western genre. Josey’s short speech remains one of my favorites from any movie. If you’ve never seen it, be warned: a spoiler lies ahead. The speech goes as follows:


“I came here to die with you… or………..




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