(THIS POST SHOULD BE REBLOGGED AGAIN & AGAIN !!!!!) ~ Obama and Clinton must resign — NOW!


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Obama and Clinton must resign — NOW!

Renew America^ | 9-15-2012 | Michael Oberndorf – Commentary


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Posted on Saturday, September 15, 2012 6:23:15 PM by smoothsailing

September 15, 2012

Obama and Clinton must resign — NOW!

Michael Oberndorf

Purported President Barack “Barry SoetoroHussein Obama, and so-called Secretary of State Hillary Clintonmust resign immediately. No ifs, ands, or buts. Pack up their things and get the h*ll out of Washington, today. This woman, The Smartest Woman in America, and her boss, The Smartest Man in the Room, have just shown the world that they are anything but.


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The unmitigated arrogance and stupidity of this pair was on display this week, for all the world to see. These two apostles of Marxist agitator Saul Alinsky clearly see themselves as leaders of an elite intelligencia, far smarter than us of the Unwashed Masses, and therefore, ordained to lead, with We, the People, as blind, sheep-like followers. Thus, they were flabbergasted to discover that Muslims have not been won over by Obama’s endless apologies and bowing a scraping before Islamic royalty. They were stunned that Libyans were not grovelingly grateful that we had “liberated” their country from Muammar Gaddafi.

“We came, we saw, he died,” gloated Clinton.

Obama, too, has made a spectacle of himself, repeatedly, publicly bragging the He, the Anointed One, killed Osama bin Laden. He bragged, too that He, and only He, was in charge of the government’s “kill list,” containing the names of Islamist terrorists that are targeted for death.

It seems never to have occurred to this pair of bungling, egotistical morons that such statements in public, by high government officials, just might “offend” a few million zealous Muslims, all over the world? Did it not occur to Ms. Clinton that half the people in Libya were loyal supporters of Gaddafi, and just might, somewhere down the road, retaliate? Apparently not.

Nor did it occur to these criminally negligent overseers of the safety of not just Americans at home, but of our citizens serving in our embassies and consulates abroad, that after all this provocation, the anniversary of 9/11 just might be an appropriate time for heightened security that included at least giving our security personnel ammunition for their weapons. The Fraud in the White House has been far too busy playing golf and doing fundraisers with “celebrities” for His collapsing campaign to attend even half of the daily intelligence briefings. So, combined with His cock-sure belief He knows more than anyone else about everything, it comes as no surprise that He was caught flat-footed and clueless. Nor is it a surprise to anyone who has watched Him over the past three-and-a-half-years that His reaction to the deaths of one of His ambassadors and three other Americans was wooden, devoid of genuine emotion, and slow in coming.

The upshot is that the Obama Administration’s Middle East Policy — calling pandering and floundering, and selling out our allies a policy, is, I admit, a stretch — the upshot is that it has failed utterly and completely. It’s a smoking ruin of consulates and embassies in a dozen Muslim counties, many of which had “Arab Spring” uprisings, supported by Obama, Clinton, and a whole lot of other Democrats who are now tellingly silent, with participants that have now turned their violent attentions toward us. All that remains to create a perfect maelstrom is for Iran, in alliance with Obama’s pals in the Muslim Brotherhood, to launch a nuke at Jerusalem, the capital of Israel that the Democrat Conventioneers refused to recognize, setting off what could easily turn into World War III.

These two — Obama and Clinton — must resign immediately. The damage they have done to America, worldwide, may be irreparable. We cannot allow them to continue to charge around like blind bulls in the proverbial china shop. Republicans, speaking as one, must demand their resignations, and any Democrat who still has a vestige of patriotism and love of country left must join with them. We cannot let another day go by with people so obviously unqualified and unsuited to occupy positions of power and authority continuing to do so.

As we face the prospect of having to defend ourselves against an onslaught of raging fanatics from Islamist countries, out to establish a worldwide caliphate and to kill all infidels who resist, we also need to remember that Obama promised Russia’s thug president, Vladimir Putin, that if re-elected, He would unilaterally give up our nuclear weapons. He has already sabotaged our missile defenses, and tried, along with Clinton, to sign us onto the UN’s anti-Second Amendment Small Arms Treaty. We need, too, to remember that Obama’s policy toward China, nuclear-armed and hardly what most would call an ally, is also one of pandering, bowing, and kow-towing. This arrogant, inept and useless duo has landed us in the most dangerous position America has been in, in decades.

Obama and Clinton must resign — NOW!

© Michael Oberndorf


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