Give Me Liberty! by Karen Kwiatkowski (“the challenge before us today is not an election, or even many elections. The challenge before us is rather to be willing to know the truth”)


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English: Karen Kwiatkowski in the Shenandoah Valley (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

…..I believe the challenge before us today is not an election, or even many elections. The challenge before us is rather to be willing to know the truth, to know the worst, and to provide for it. It is in that providing that we will give up comfort and wealth, embrace our fears, trade away our former dreams and lay it all on the line to live free, and to never submit to tyranny. We are on that path now – as those who went before us – because we have indeed been willing listen, and to see, the terrible truth that a republic of these United States no longer exists – it has been destroyed and transformed into a social welfare dictatorship in which voters trudge angrily to the polls hoping to change things, and yet the only change we see is the continued growth of a centralized security state, an indebted and bankrupt nation that seeks wars abroad, suppression of liberty at home, and preaches a deformed and alien interpretation of the Constitutionto sustain its existence.


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We want a map, we want to understand how we should be organized to restore a Republic, and to restore liberty in the hearts and the lives of Americans. I’ve mentioned some historical figures, and I’ll rephrase their advice. First, de La Boetie would advise us to withdraw our consent. Withdraw our consent to tyranny, to statism, to a lack of equality under the law. In other words, we should obey no unlawful, and for us, no unconstitutional, order. Freeborn Johnwould advise us to never compromise on the natural liberty of man. He would tell us that the only just government is one that honors and protects the individual and individualism.


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He would advise us to always preach dangerous words to power, even though we may be imprisoned or removed from our livelihood and families. We already know what Patrick Henry advised, and perhaps we must also be reminded of the famous last words of Nathan Hale, who before being hanged on September 22nd, 1776 by the British: “I only regret that I have but one life to give for my country.”

This is what liberty means, and it cannot mean other than lives lived free, and given freely. If government, as George Washingtonwrote, is force, and dangerous like fire, our very survival and our children’s survival, depends on keeping that fire in check, keeping that fire limited, strictly useful, always our servant, and never our master. If we must learn, teach others, risk everything to resist tyranny, and fight and die for liberty, then that is what we must do. That is our instruction. That is our mission. For those who ask, as we all have, as Judge Napolitano did this week, what can we do, this is your answer…..


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14 Responses to Give Me Liberty! by Karen Kwiatkowski (“the challenge before us today is not an election, or even many elections. The challenge before us is rather to be willing to know the truth”)

  1. 32eagle says:

    I totally agree- how tough are we?how far are we going to go when life gets bleak and painful and deadly?when you shoot that communist are you going to feed him to your dogs and try to make ends meet- or will you get your shovel out and waste valuable daylight on nonsense I think having liberty is dangerous to communism because when we get it in our heads that we will tolerate no more insult and we muster with an attitude and we savagely defend our freedoms -we win bit by bit-until there is not one of them left

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