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Big Sis: Obama Ready to Sign Surveillance Grid Executive Order

Kurt Nimmo Prison September 20, 2012 Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano told a Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs […]

DHS Enlists Citizen Spies Via New Smartphone App

Paul Joseph Watson | Encourages Americans to take photographs of “suspicious” persons & vehicles.

Signs of A Ruined Economy: More Ammo Buys, Declining Dollar & Fake Gold

Prison | If you think the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing will only affect the US dollar, think again.

U.N. Conquers Texas

Prison | Research shows that it is little more than a takeover of both metropolitan and rural sites.

China Versus Japan: Shooting War, Economic War or War of Words?

Washington’s Blog | The islands are small and uninhabited … so what’s really going on?

Experts discuss the shocking findings of the peer-reviewed GMO cancer trial

Activist Post | Here are the experts discussing the significance of the findings of this unprecedented study.


Kucinich Calls Out Monsanto: Americans Demand GMO Labeling

You Tube | “So, why no labeling? I’ll give you one reason: The influence and the corruption of the political process by Monsanto.”

Nutty Professor Demands Permanent Sterilant to Cull U.S. Population

Prison | The cottonseed derivative Gossypol is being proposed as an adequate sterilant to bring down the birthrate in the United States.

10 Quotes From Financial Experts About The Effect That QE3 Will Have On Gold And Silver

Michael Snyder | Do you want to know what QE3 is going to do to the price of gold and the price of silver?

West Attempts to Trigger Clash of Civilizations

Tony Cartalucci | Al Qaeda & Islamophobic bigots working in tandem exploiting fear and ignorance.



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