Fever Dreams From My Real Father #5: Joel Gilbert’s Phantom Evidence


Ann Dunham

Ann Dunham (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Joel Gilbert wasn’t interested in talking to me, but he’s been more than happy to chat with people who aren’t likely to challenge him. He’s been the subject of several WND articles, he’s made multiple radio appearances with folks like Alex Jones, and he’s appeared on the Peter Boyles Show alone at least eight times.

And there’s an odd feature that recurs in these interviews: Gilbert keeps citing evidence that he says he discovered, evidence that he says supports his theories, but it’s evidence that’s not actually in his movie.

For instance, when I called Peter Boyles’ show and said that the nude pictures are not of Ann Dunham, Peter challenged me to explain why the floorboards match. My response: I haven’t seen any evidence that they DO match. I’ve seen the wooden floor in the old black-and-white photos…but that’s it. There are no comparison shots from Davis’ house in the movie, or on Gilbert’s website. Gilbert SAYS he took photos, and he SAYS that the photos match, but he hasn’t actually PRODUCED any such photos for anyone else to independently look at and draw their own conclusions. And even though he claims on the radio that the photos he took are strong and compelling evidence, he hasn’t provided any justification for why, if that’s true, he hasn’t shared those photos.

WND says that Gilbert has made “many research trips to Hawaii,” and Gilbert has made repeated claims as to what he found on those supposed trips.

He’s even produced a couple of things which, if you give him the benefit of the doubt, could have been procured on such a trip. Exciting things like high school yearbook photos of Frank Marshall Davis‘ children (who look nothing like Obama), and a photo of a vice raid at the Negro Elks Club in 1952 (which occupied Davis’ house before he moved there in 1956). In a video interview with Alex Jones, Gilbert showed viewers a picture he said he took…of the outside of Davis’ house, taken from the street. Basically, stuff that has absolutely no bearing on his substantive claims about Obama’s relationship with Frank Marshall Davis.

Meanwhile, Gilbert keeps referring to other evidence in interviews that he insists validates his theories. He certainly wants his radio listeners to think that he’s discovered such proof. But strangely, THAT evidence is missing from his actual movie, omitted in favor of things like stock footage of airplanes taking off and landing.

For instance:

He traveled to Hawaii to inspect and photograph the Honolulu address that the FBI file documents as Davis’ residence beginning in 1956.

The current owner of the house gave Gilbert permission to enter, photograph and document the house.

Funny thing: Dreams From My Real Father contains precisely ZERO photographs taken by Gilbert inside the Davis residence. Not of the floors, or the windows, or the furniture, or even just the shape of the rooms.

Of course, that could be explained if……….


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