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Ben Affleck Defends TSA ‘Dick Grabbing’

Prison | During a recent appearance on Bill Maher’s Real Time, actor Ben Affleck defended the TSA’s policy of grabbing people’s genitals.

Spain Seeks To Outlaw Filming Cops

Paul Joseph Watson | Weeks after footage showed police beating demonstrators.

Rep. Walter Jones: Middle East to Implode if Obama has His Way | Alex talks with Congressman Walter Jones about the fall of america and the next president to be.


Sean Stone: Priest Class of The Illuminati | Alex speaks with American film director and producer Sean Stone, the son of Oliver Stone.

Douglas J. Hagmann: Death Race Damascus | A letter sent to Ambassador Susan Rice by four U.S. Senators, dated September 25, 2012 challenged the veracity of her public statements about the murder of Ambassador Stevens.

Mobile phones can cause brain tumours, court rules

London Telegraph | A landmark court case has ruled there is a link between using a mobile phone and brain tumours, paving the way for a flood of legal actions.

Behind The Scenes at Infowars | David Ortiz gives us a tour of the Infowars studio.

50 Crazy Things That Obama Supporters Are Threatening To Do If Romney Wins

American Dream | Will cities all over America erupt in violence if Mitt Romney wins the election?

Obamneycare Converts Health Care Into Profits

Paul Craig Roberts | In the guest section there is a new contribution by Dr. Robert S. Dotson. He points out that Obamneycare is two versions of the same thing.

55 Facts About The Debt And U.S. Government Finances That Every American Voter Should Know

The Economic Collapse | The future of the United States of America is being systematically destroyed by our politicians, but unfortunately most Americans don’t really grasp exactly what is happening.





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