The Destructive President… (“Rush Limbaugh said that he believes Obama is filled with hate and that he is intentionally destroying America. Rush added that he is not a psychologist. Well, I am and…”)

Welcome to my blog and the home of The Destructive President: Inside the Mind of Barack Obama. I am a clinical and forensic psychologist who is extremely concerned about the psychological status of the president and the impact of this upon the country.





I firmly believe that Obama’s significant psychological problems are the driving force behind his desire to destroy America and her traditional institutions.


After studying Obama for four years, I authored The Destructive President to provide a definitive explanation of Obama’s psychology so that Americans can once and for all understand why Obama is devastating America. Rush Limbaugh said that he believes Obama is filled with hate and that he is intentionally destroying America. Rush added that he is not a psychologist. Well, I am and The Destructive President explains why Obama is filled with hate, why his thinking is distorted by victim logic, and why Obama is directing his unrelenting rage at the country.



I hope that you will find The Destructive President to be enlightening even though the unmasking of Obama is not a pretty sight…………..




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GnySgt USMC (Ret.) 1952--'72 PC: History, Poly-Tiks, Military, Stories, Controversial, Unusual, Humorous, etc.... "Simplify...y'know!"
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29 Responses to The Destructive President… (“Rush Limbaugh said that he believes Obama is filled with hate and that he is intentionally destroying America. Rush added that he is not a psychologist. Well, I am and…”)

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