Rush: The Petraeus Scandal and Benghazi



RUSH: I’m gonna go back to Petraeus. Have you heard, by the way, that Petraeus went to Libya after Benghazi, did his own investigation? He did. He interviewed people himself. You gotta remember this, too. Petraeus also testified, or I think he testified. I think it was testimony.



gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


If he didn’t testify, he said publicly that it was spontaneous combustion that led to what happened in Benghazi. He lent credence to the fact that it was the video, as the CIA director. Then he goes there, and he went to Benghazi, he conducted his own interviews. It’s after that trip to Benghazi that all of this starts hitting the fan.


Petraeus probably knows what happened. He knows full well what happened. And he could explain what really happened. But what happens now if he does? And, by the way, how does Hillary Clinton get away with being out of the country, and Panetta?


Petraeus at Georgia Tech

Petraeus at Georgia Tech (Photo credit: hectorir)


What is this, a monarchy? (imitating Clinton) “I’m sorry, I don’t feel like testifying. I’m tired. All I want to do is sleep and taste wine.”



That’s what Mrs. Clinton is saying. But let’s say that they bring Petraeus up and he says, “Yeah, I went over there, I investigated, and I found out that it wasn’t spontaneous. It had nothing to do with the video.”


If he says that now, he says it as what? He says it as somebody who has been ethically corrupted with the release of the news that he had this affair, and that would give the media and the regime, “Oh, he just got sour grapes. He’s not grateful for what this president did for him, promoting him in Afghanistan and then making him CIA director. He’s got sour grapes. He’s just trying to get even.” I don’t doubt that there’s an effort to discredit the guy and what he knows. ‘Cause he went there. This has not been widely reported, but it’s trickling out now.




RUSH: Okay. Now people are starting to ask, “What are they trying to cover up here with this Petraeus thing?” That’s the question, right? Well, I’ll tell you what I think. I think what they’re trying to cover up and what they’re trying to discredit is that Petraeus knows what happened there. Let me go through some things here very quickly, ladies and gentlemen…………




via The Petraeus Scandal and Benghazi.





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