Dangerous Game: Rise and Fall of David Petraeus…By Peter Farmer….. (“But why did Petraeus agree to serve under Obama in the first place…”)

…..There are many unanswered questions about the scandal.

English: Official photograph of General David ...

English: Official photograph of General David H. Petraeus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Was Petraeus’ affair with Paula Broadwell simply a matter of chance, or was he the victim of a carefully-orchestrated takedown by party or parties unknown? Did the White House set up Petraeus as a way of neutralizing a would-be political opponent? Is Petraeus being punished for failing to toe the administration line on Benghazi?

Does Broadwell work for a foreign government or interest?Why did General Petraeus decide to serve under Obama in the first place? That is the question that perplexes this writer. There has been no president/commander in chief in our nation’s history as hostile to the traditions and values of the military as Obama, nor has there been a leader as lawless and lacking in honor – yet Petraeus seemed to believe that he could serve such a man without getting dirt on his hands eventually.

Time has proven this hope to be a vain one.

Perhaps he hoped that, by remaining on duty, he could somehow protect his men and spare them some of the hardships to come. There may be other reasons as yet unknown. Only Petraeus himself knows the answers to these questions.

As unfortunate as this affair has proven to be for Petraeus and his family personally, the real tragedy lies in the fact that whatever credibility and moral authority David Petraeus once possessed as a critic of Obama is severely-damaged if not destroyed.

If he is called before Congress to testify about the events in Benghazi, he will do from a position of political and personal weakness – which is precisely the outcome wished for by the White House and its allies. As for Obama and his advisors, their neo-Stalinist purge of the military continues apace as they eliminate ideological and political enemies one-by-one, and replace them with more-compliant individuals.In retirement, Petraeus now joins former colleague Stanley McChrystal, another general fallen from official grace.

Having been stabbed in the back by their boss, perhaps they will now become the critics of Obama the republic needs them to be…………..


via Family Security Matters.



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