We could discuss much more about the cover up that continues to surround Benghazi. President Obama had his first press conference in a very long time and used it to attack Senators McCain, Graham, and Ayotte for going after Susan Rice. He famously said they should come after him instead. I am looking for the Senators to take him at his word. If David Petraeus testifies, as is being reported, that the talking points used by Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows were provided by the White House, then go after Obama they should. Obama is fond of saying the buck stops with him and he likes to go it alone a lot of the time, albeit without the inherent responsibility of the job description. This is one time when he should be held completely and totally responsible for what has transpired.


The greatly anticipated testimony by former CIA Director David Petraeus is almost upon us. In less than half an hour, General Petraeus will be going behind closed doors to testify to before members of the House and Senate intelligence committees.



Specifically, he will be asked about what he knew about the attack in Benghazi and when he knew it. According to CNN, Petraeus will also testify that the CIA was not responsible for the talking points used by Susan Rice when she famously went on five different Sunday talk shows and spread the false rumor that a video was responsible for the attacks.


PetraeusFor security purposes, much of the content of Petraeus’ testimony will be classified. I am hopeful, however, that enough information will be released to allow us to gain some knowledge about what really happened, before, during, and after the attack in Benghazi. There is…

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