Jim R. Schwiesow — No Cure for Stupidity… (“ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION IDIOTS”)

A letter to the editor appeared on November 12, 2012 and it read as follows:


“I feel sorry for Jimmy Carter. His first four years as a president were also a complete failure, but he never received a second chance; my how times have changed.”



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In regard to this reader’s mini editorial of 11/12 and his lament that Jimmy Carter never received a second chance after his failed presidency. Could it be that in his day he never had the benefit of runaway voter fraud, illegal foreign contributions, or an innate and complete lack of integrity? Times have indeed changed, but the question is whether or not that change is for the better. We already know that the answer to that question, and it is most definitely not!





Romney’s campaign in addition to being inept lacked one other thing and that was a



rprprprp (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


failure to correctly assess the intelligence of the voting electorate. This being the case he, unlike Obama who comes by his stupidity naturally, was unable to communicate on the intellectual level of the near primates who cast their lot with Obama.


In order to reach at least the collective imbecilic one half of the population one must, beside being able to reach into a government bag filled with coerced from taxpayers gifts, be able to speak the language of the feeble-minded. Since Romney was unable to reach the same subpar mentality and degeneracy of Obama he failed in his bid to unseat the Muslim centralist. With such an abstruse puddle of ignorance as the American constituency the chances for his success were negligible. Darwin was wrong; it was people who turned into monkeys.


Since the Republican Party will never be able to recast itself into the moronic image of the Liberal Progressive Democrats it will undoubtedly become extinct in the very near future, let’s face it; it takes at least a modicum of intelligence to understand the superiority of Conservatism over the half-baked secular progressivism of the Democrats.




In the wild post-mortem thrashing about by the Republicans to recriminate those responsible for this defeat some of these nitwits cry out for the institution of the same outrageously perverse programs and social foolishness that has killed their chances of ever again regaining a superiority in the political arena, we hear such foolish and anserine proffers that the Republicans should, in order to garner a larger share of the Hispanic vote, institute amnesty and a continuance of the look the other way policy in regard to unlawful immigration. What will this accomplish? Simply that Americans as a whole will have to continue to pay for the health, education, and feeding of huge and ever increasing numbers of illegitimate border jumpers. If, with a six trillion debt, one thinks that we can afford it, then carry on to a complete demise.


We are also hearing the same kill whitey vernacular that has greatly imperiled the social stability of this country for a century. Additionally, to add to this foolish cacophony, we are hearing a demonic din to allow women to indiscriminately murder their babies and fornicate freely and excessively with the aid of citizen supplied contraceptives. Not so bad that it could never get worse you say, then how about the legitimizing of sodomy and other perverse same sex deviate practices. These simple-minded Republicans are saying, in effect; let’s completely destroy the little that is left of the American family in order to seize some votes from the reprobate Democrats.




via Jim R. Schwiesow — No Cure for Stupidity.





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2 Responses to Jim R. Schwiesow — No Cure for Stupidity… (“ONE HUNDRED FIFTY MILLION IDIOTS”)

  1. Gunny G says:

    Not just that 150 mil….many others chose to vote for a lesser-of-evils even though obviously also a socialist, etc.

    The poor will always be with us….but others have a chance to wise up…as 0’pinhead would refer to them….

    Principle first! forget the stats, etc. that’s not my department!
    Semper Watching!

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