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GyG: InfoWars, PP, LATEST STORIES, ETC.!!!!!!!!!!-CLICK-HERE!!!!!


Journalist: TSA Agents Are Wearing Badges UPSIDE DOWN To Stay Anonymous

Steve Watson | Writer threatened with arrest after asking for agent and supervisor’s names.

Video: CNN Guest Interrupted By Israeli Air Strike

Paul Joseph Watson | Bombing settles argument on disproportionate aggression.


TSA opt-out movement starts Monday

Teri Webster | The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will face some push-back during the big Thanksgiving travel week, as part of the Alex-Jones-ordered “Opt Out and Film Week.”

Barack Obama: Dying to Give a Damn

Richard Silverstein | Day 6: 95 Palestinians killed, 720 wounded.

Alex Jones calls for nationwide effort to take back America from occupying enemy force

Natural News | He’s been a leading voice in his efforts to alert Americans to the federal tyranny growing around them.

In your survival plans, have you forgotten spiritual preparedness?

Mike Adams | Most of the talk on preparedness these days focuses on food, water, emergency medical supplies, sleeping bags and similar items.

Alex Reviews Ron Paul’s Historic Farewell Speech

Prisonplanet.com | Alex will reviews highlights from Ron Paul’s historic farewell speech as well as reiterate his call to secede from the banks, corporate oligarchs and globalists who long ago hijacked the country.

Public Reacts to Secession Movement

Prisonplanet.com | David Ortiz with an on the street report, asking American citizens what they think of the Secession movement.

The Twinkie That Broke The Economy’s Back?

Economic Collapse | Can you hear that sound? It is the sound of the air being let out of the economy.

Israel threatens to send Gaza back to Middle Ages

Zee News | “The goal of the operation is to send Gaza back to the Middle Ages”.


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