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…..And, finally, Dr. Paul’s third offering was the group’s only radical communist: and Michelle Obama-Light, former 6-term Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney [D-GA] who lost her job after arrogantly assaulting a Capitol police officer for challenging her for not wearing her congressional I D and bypassing the metal detectors in the House of Representatives.



Dr. Paul attempted to pull former 4-term Congressman Bob Barr [R-GA] (whose seat was merged with another one and one seat gerrymandered out of existence by the Democratically-controlled State House in 2001). Barr is seeking the presidency on the Libertarian ticket.


Barr, however, declined Dr. Paul’s invitation to be part of the “Ron PaulMajority.” And, while both Barr and McKinney are more qualified than Obama to lead the nation, McKinney, like Obama, speaks of equality only in the glowing terms of social justice—the redistribution of wealth from the “rich white class” to the underprivileged poor in the nation’s innercities.



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The need for the “American Majority” National Press Club press conference was triggered by the Palin Phenomenon. The longshot candidates watched scores of anti-McCain independents pick up the McCain-Palin placards as political history was twice-written in one week. First, they watched GOP nominee Sen. John McCain [R-AZ] pick, as his running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin [R-AK]. Palin instantly reignited the Republican Party, the likes of which has not been witnessed since 1980.


Second, within 24 hours of the announcement, thousands of disgruntled and formerly-alienated conservatives deserted the campaigns of the long-shot candidates, returning to the GOP fold. They are potential voters that Baldwin, Nader and former GOP Congressman and Libertarian presidential candidate Bob Barr need—not to win in November since winning, for any of them, is a statistical impossibility. Rather, they need them to reach that magic 5% threshold that qualifies them for matching funds. For them, that’s what the battle in November is about. Nostalgic campaign photos for their scrapbooks, the legacy of “also ran” for their grandchildren, and if they pull that magic 5% of the vote, a retirement nest egg from the taxpayers of the United States.


All of them realize they are spoilers who will hand over the election to the candidate who disagrees most with their political ideology because winning is not an option for any of them.



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And, sadly, none of them care. They just want to run. And, after the last hurrah, those ballots and campaign buttons make good keepsakes for the grandkids who can tell their children that their great-granddaddy was an important man who once ran for President of the United States……………




via LESSER OF TWO EVILS PART 1&2 By Jon Christian Ryter (Two-Party System) « CITIZEN.BLOGGER.1984+ THE.GUNNY.G BLOG.EMAIL.





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