Prison » Duma Begs TV Stations Not To Encourage End of the World Hysteria

Politicians from Russia’s State Duma have written a letter to major television networks begging them not to encourage end of the world hysteria in the run up to December 21st, following a wave of odd behavior by Russian citizens across the country.

Duma Begs TV Stations Not To Encourage End of the World Hysteria 031212mayan

“We discussed this and sent an official letter to executives at Russia’s leading TV networks,” Mikhail Degtyarev, who represents the LDPR in Russia’s lower house of parliament (Duma) and is deputy chair of the Duma Science Committee, told RIA Novosti. “In our compatriots’ interests, we ask you to pay attention to the dissemination of pseudo-scientific information about the end of the world in your media.”

21st December is regarded as the the end-date of a 5125-year-long cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. This has prompted a myriad of different end-time beliefs, most of which suggest that the earth is about to be hit with cataclysmic weather and seismic events which will wipe out humanity.

The letter was signed by the deputy chairman of the State Duma’s committee for science and research-intense technologies, Mikhail Degtyaryov, chairman of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ committee for science, Valery Chernyshev, and Communist politician Dmitry Novikov.

The message cites experts at the Academy of Sciences who assert “that there will be no end of the world.”

“Television has a very strong psychological influence on the audience. For that reason……..


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