What happens when Zimmerman’s acquitted?

Exclusive: Jack Cashill stresses significance of attacked Floridian’s bloodied-nose photo

“That man [George Zimmerman] carried a 9-millimeter handgun,” wrote the New York Times’ Charles Blow last April in a typically reckless bit of media disinformation. “That boy [Trayvon Martin] carried a bag of candy.”

That boy also carried a hell of a punch, and now the evidence has emerged that proves it – a front-on, high resolution, color photo of Zimmerman, sitting in a police car, blood dripping from his swollen, disfigured nose


“This type of evidence should have come out day one,” Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara, told CNN’s John King recently.

As O’Mara observed, had this photo been shared with and by the media last March, it would have quelled much of the anger against Zimmerman. In fact, it might have killed the controversy altogether.

More evidence is still being withheld. This includes the unedited interview of the mysterious “DeeDee” by Martin family attorneys. DeeDee is the alleged 16-year-old who was on the phone with Trayon before and during the fatal incident.

In fact, however, DeeDee was not 16, as claimed by the state of Florida and the media, but 18. She was an adult and should have been treated as one. “That is crucial evidence,” said Omara of the unedited interview. “I deserve it and my client deserves it.”

Finally, O’Mara has learned that an additional police officer witnessed the playing of the 911 tape for Trayvon’s father, Tracy Martin. When he heard this tape, Tracy Martin said it was not Trayon who was crying out for help. Tracy has since fudged his testimony, but the officer confirms his initial reaction.

Zimmerman is scheduled to be tried in June 2013. There will likely be a “Stand Your Ground” hearing set for April or May 2013.

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