Who elected Obama?

Many Republicans seem ready to agree to Obama‘s demands for tax increases — after all, elections have consequences, and he won, right?


Maybe, but before agreeing to anything, the GOP should probably look a little more carefully at just who elected Obama.



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Dr. Robert Vanderbei, a professor of Operations Research at Princeton, developed the visualization shown above by combining Democrat blue with GOP red according to popular vote proportions taken at the county level and printing the result as a 3D map in which apparent vertical height is a stand-in for the number of voters counted.



Nationally, Obama won the popular vote by 4,452,910 — but because 4,516,701 of those came from California and New York, Romney and the GOP can reasonably argue that he won the rest of the country by just about 64,000 votes.



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Across the country, Obama won by large margins in a relatively small number of counties — and, within those counties, by overwhelming majorities in some, but usually not all, precincts. More than 40% of Obama’s California margin came, for example, from about 90% of the precincts in Los Angeles County alone.


This effect is clearer in states like Ohio, where Obama’s 150,891 overall vote margin came mainly from the 256,581-vote surplus he amassed in just 900 Cuyahoga county precincts. Similarly, he counted 588,781 votes to beat Romney by nearly five to one in Philadelphia County, but he won Pennsylvania by a net of only 309,115 votes.


What’s going on is that big numbers from a relative handful of precincts can swing statewide totals to democratic presidential and senatorial candidates despite widespread popular support for GOP policies in congressional and other district races.


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