Fidel Castro of the CIA | Veterans Today

Castro Tied to Cartels, CIA, Bush – Romney Money Laundering


Multiple Official Confirmations Suppressed


Cuba had its ‘revolution’, but it was the CIA that put Castro into power. Cuba did not really become ‘free’.”


Fidel Castro Vector Portrait

Fidel Castro Vector Portrait (Photo credit: Vectorportal)



(Editor’s note: Years of FBI investigations into US money laundering tied to major financial organizations including Bain Capitol, the Bush family, Bank of America, powerful groups tied to AIPAC and the Cartels have led to Cuba.


Criminal cases were brought to the Ashcroft Department of Justice and suppressed. Many powerful Americans faced prison for drug crimes and even espionage on a massive scale.


The files are ready, the evidence has been sequestered with law firms around the world, ready to file at any time a free government emerges with a desire for justice.)



Rafan, Jonathan’s Handler for Soviet Intelligence and Reputed (by some) 9/11 Planner


Rafi Eitan, the Israeli spymaster, “is Castro’s business partner and the largest land-owner (of stolen land) in Cuba. “Israel is … one of the leading foreign investors in Cuba, with private Jewish businessmen involving themselves in everything from Cuban citrus exports to real-estate projects.” interview by Haaretz. How Zionist Pirates Hijacked America. Castro is a Sephardic Jew.


What about the Bay of Pigs invasion? It was made to fail. What about Operation Northwoods? It was vetoed.


The Cuban Missile Crisis was a psyop:


”My assertion that the presence of Soviet strategic missiles and their nuclear warheads in Cuba in 1962 is yet to be proved, is not a speculative, unsubstantiated hypothesis, but an incontrovertible fact…


“The Cuban missile crisis was just a small PSYOP – part of a larger PSYOP called the Cold War – whose purpose was to scare the American people into accepting the militarization of the American life.”


The Cuban Missile Crisis: Fifty Years After


Fidel Castro’ s sister Juanita was a CIA agent – The Guardian….




via Fidel Castro of the CIA | Veterans Today.



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