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Fred: But if my country says to butcher, then butchery were no crime, but a source of honor. To kill for pure enjoyment, as Ted Bundy or Jeffrey Dahmer, is most contemptible, but to do it because Bush II, Tojo, Bin Laden, or Netanyahu commands it—this is virtue at its highest. Killing for your own reasons is criminal. Killing someone you have never seen for the benefit of a politician you have never met is a source of medals.

jtl, 419: Of all the wars Fred describes in this essay (seeming all over human history), how many of those that he describes do you suppose were suffering from the most dangerous superstition–the myth of authority? I suspect pretty near all.  

They are all prime examples of what an honest reading of history tells us–bad people do not do bad things. Due to their brainwashing, it is the good people…

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