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Explaining Liberty to Liberals, Democratic Socialists,


Neo-Conservatives and Fascist Alike


Albert J Nock summed it up with the title of his book, “Our Enemy the State.”


We believe that there is nothing the State does that a private property, natural law based, for profit society can not do better.



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We take every possible opportunity to demean the State and point out its crimes and ineffeciencies. There is no shortage of material.


Here is a summary of what we are all about.


As a staunch Anarcho-Capitalist and editor of the libertarian on-line news magazine, FlyoverPress.com, I am frequently confronted with all manner of political views. Thus, I find myself having to repeatedly explain the fundamentals of libertarian philosophy. Essentially, I have written the same essay thousands of times. This paper is an attempt to summarize and consolidate those essays and thereby save myself a great deal of time in the future.


For most of my life I have searched for a set of principles by which to live—ethical principles that could be applied to any and all human interactions. I have always rejected “situational ethics” as my intuition told me that there is such a thing as an “objective” ethic. But it eluded me for many years, until I discovered libertarianism.



To be “ethical,” a principle (any principle) must be universal —applicable to all men, at all places and in all times—equally applicable to the Cave Man as it is to men today. Such a principle must be logically developed from a valid premise. No matter how impeccable the logic, for a conclusion to be valid, the premise (point from which reasoning begins) must be axiomatic—a self-evident truth. (Incidentally, that is what makes arguing with liberals and neo-cons alike somewhat like clubbing baby seals—it’s pretty easy work because either their premise is flawed or the subsequent logic is faulty.)


Probably the most fundamental of self-evident truths to libertarian philosophy (and its underlying premise) is……




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