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Obama Openly Hints at Dictatorship « Mark America

In a speaking engagement that looked suspiciously like a campaign stump speech, on Wednesday, Barack Obama implied that if Republicans attempted to tie the debt ceiling to the budgetary negotiations, he might ignore them, stating “We’re not going to play that game.” All along, Obama has shown a willingness to exceed his constitutional authority.



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Since the Debt Ceiling debacle of 2011, there’s word circulating in leftist circles that under the 14th Amendment, there is some authority for the President to ignore Congress in order to satisfy the payment of our debts, but no such authority exists in the 14th Amendment. This is a troubling proposition, and the fact that our Prevaricator-in-Chief now makes these kinds of implications portends potentially lethal danger to our republic.



Obama has made little secret of the fact that he detests the prohibitions on excessive government authority in the US Constitution, but ladies and gentlemen, if he hasn’t gone too far already, this should be the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.



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To help you understand what this ludicrous, malevolent narcissist has in mind, let’s first view his speech to the Business Roundtable on Wednesday. The most interesting remarks come after the 13:00 mark, but the whole of the speech offers insight into the maniacal thinking of this man. He is going to destroy this economy to exact his revenge, and none should be in the mood to let John Boehner make deals with this sort of mindset:…………………..




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