Ann Barnhardt: A puzzle…

I have recently discovered a woman named Ann Barhardt. I have watched her “The Economy is Going To Implode” YouTube series and have read here religious/societal/political commentaries.



GyGRet (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


My problem?…. I can’t figure this woman out.


Either she’s the most “free” person I know, speaking truth that has been blocked/subvereted for many, many years in America


… or she is just certifiably nuts …..


Any comments on this thread are welcome.



Disclaimer: I am a father or two, a husband, now living in the Midwest, raised in the NYC/CT area. I am a committed, conservative Catholic, trying to live for Him and clean out my church of any leftover garbage. My political leanings are traditional and mostly conservative, however, I have a very strong libertarian streak in me … as do most liberty loving Americans…………


via Ann Barnhardt: A puzzle.





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2 Responses to Ann Barnhardt: A puzzle…

  1. Gunny G says:

    See the Reader Responses to Ann Barnhardt!!!!!

  2. jericho777 says:

    Reblogged this on Jericho777's Blog and commented:
    She’s doing what most Christians want to do, but don’t have the heart taking on the enemy at the gate. It’s easy and even superficial to stand on the side lines rooting for the champion, it’s harder yet for the champion to realize that once he/she is confronted with that enemy, their cheer leaders have fled the scene. How often has this happen in the past and how many more will be destroyed before the cheer leaders themselves become the victims to champion for?
    I believe her convictions are true to her nature of being first foremost a Christian, it’s the whole heart of her persona, her Christianity, of being a true champion for the truth, YHVH’s truth and that means sacrificing the worldly self over to our spiritually trusting self.
    She believes and rightly so that the enemy are demonic and evil, she believes that these forces in the end are out to destroy the one thing that keeps us uniformed and that’s YHVH’s truth in all things. Islam as we all know and as she has championed against, is a threat to our Christianity and that also means a threat to the very Nation whose foundations were set upon the holy testament and sacrament of his divine truths.
    When we allow that to fail us, then the whole system collapses and Ann Barhardt knows this to hold true and she’s fighting it with all that she is and she’s sacrificing it all to ensure we know that as well.
    What better eye opener than the one where we watch our champion being flogged for speaking the truth or of our own sacrifices that produce the same results with our enemies charging at us and setting against us.
    Ann is trying to pull the truth out into the open and the Satanic left does not want it”s face shown in the light of day, or as I like to say, in YHVH’s light of day, his truth.
    But, will her sacrifices be in vein? Not where YHVH sets, no, but her cheer leading squad may not stick around long enough to see her flogged if they too are threatened, such is the way of things and such has been the way of things, how will we stand, with her, or silently away from her?
    If it reasons with the past, I don’t see her getting much support from us, DeMint left because he lost all hope in getting the support he needed to fight our enemies for us and many have died political deaths because we allowed them to be eaten alive, sure we screamed out loud from the side lines, but they quickly died down when opposition showed up in force, how many times have we watched this happen, Michelle Bachmann was politically slain by the GOP from her onset as a Senator and her eventual Candidacy for the Presidency of the United States and we allowed for her destruction and yet no one said a word, she was gone and so were the protest against her enemies, out of sight, out of mind as it goes for us Christians, and it goes on to prove that we are only as good a cheerleader as long as we too aren’t confronted or threatened, that’s for the champions to sacrifice not the cheerleaders and today, we are seeing them slaughtered only because we remain eerily silent, only muttering light opposition against our enemies, pretty soon there will be no champions and we will be standing alone with no voice to champion us with and why should anyone want to champion us when they’re not receiving the backing or support to win our battles for us?
    I know this for a fact, Christians are a bunch of breast feeding baby’s and whiners and passively stand aside before opposition and shame on on us for being so damn finicky about the truth, we’ve become passive towards our enemies and coward before their onslaught when we had the numbers to quash them, we can still bury them, but Christians like Ann fight alone and in doing such, they die alone, she’s die with her sword in hand alright, but they will damn well make sure that she falls on it so she will be made an example of, and she isn’t the first either and she won’t be the last, but they’re dying without the support that will make a difference, instead her cheerleaders will be forced to watch her die alone in the arena as a captive audience, and who will take up her cause then, it will always be the one who has the loudest support until the opposition arises against them, then their cheerleaders fade away as quickly as they had arisen, it’s always been this way, and it will be what kills us in the end, our collective and majority silence in offering ourselves in return because we watch in silence as our champions are being killed off one by one when we can rise with a much greater force together as one voice, instead of a lone voice???
    This will not end well for Mrs Bernhardt because her champions are few and her cheerleaders are many!

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