The Only Thing Left for the Republican Party is its Obituary

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Posted on Monday, December 10, 2012 11:34:02 AM by Starman417

Despite its own insistence that it is very much alive, the Republican Party has now joined the crowd invisible.

The sad pathetic truth of its demise is that those who once believed in it, and cared deeply for it, are no longer around to bury it with dignity. Its corpse has now become the dancing play thing of Washington D.C. consulting firms and lobbyist.

The most ironic fact of the Republican Party’s death is that it was not a showdown at high noon on Capitol Hill that killed it. Nor a rare exotic virus that provided the mortal blow. It was killed by something very common in society and usually not fatal in Washington D.C… It was done in by a severe allergic reaction to the truth.

There has always been one thing Conservatives, Libertarians, Tea Partyers, Constitutionalists, and Social Conservative could always agree on. We all agreed in one basic primary principle. The principle of less government and even less spending. That very basic principle was the glue that held all these factions together under the Republican Party tent. Recent events paired with a close look at the Republican Party’s actions over the course of fifteen years have now exposed that the Republican Party has been living a lie. They are not for less spending and smaller government. The foot of the Republican Party has always been just as heavy on the pedal to hurtle our great country off the financial cliff shooting out into space as the Democrat Party. The only difference is that elected Republicans have been pretending to be innocent kidnap victims of President Obama and Democrats, being forced into going along for the ride.

The current Republican Party Establishment is not the victim of the main stream media clouding their message of the benefits of spending cuts. On other issues that is surely the case, but not this one. The reason the Republican Party fails to articulate the primary virtue of less spending and small government effectively is because it does not believe in the words that are coming out of its mouth. It is a lie they are forced to say out of political necessity, not because of some deeply held belief………….


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