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Prison Planet.com » Special Report: Obama Cronies Want To Kill and Imprison Americans

All who oppose the agenda of Barack Obama — or rather oppose the agenda of his globalist handlers — should be rounded up and imprisoned, singer and “social activist” Harry Belafonte recently told the ambulance chaser Al Sharpton on the … Continue reading

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Prison Planet.com » Obama Wipes Away Fake Tears

In a performance that would assuredly not win him an Oscar, Obama pretended to wipe away tears today during a news conference following the school massacre in Connecticut. His staged homage to the young victims rings especially hollow considering the … Continue reading

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With cyber crime on the rise, Portland couple make a device to detect digital break-ins

IPCopper . . . makes devices with the forensic firepower to detect, track and ultimately prosecute cybercrooks, hackers or spies.     The company’s device captures all Internet activity without alerting hackers, or internal thieves, to its presence.  

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in England and Wales, according to new census data. The number of people identifying with no religion nearly doubled over the last decade while the percentage of people who call themselves Christians has dropped … Continue reading

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Important Alert to Awaken Citizens… (“This call for a Constitutional Convention …is intended to entrap innocent and unaware victims. The socialists have been on record for a long time … as advocating use of the Constitutional Convention process as a method by which to bring forth a global government constitution (charter); thus, permanently (and “supposedly” official) discarding the American Constitution and Bill of Rights!”)

Mind bending talk show hosts are now advocating that the public call their federal Senators and urge them to support a call for a Constitutional Amendment, ostensibly to clarify the definition of marriage as being limited to a union between … Continue reading

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The Thinking Housewife › More on Ann Barnhardt

My wife and I have discussed the phenomenon of Ann Barnhardt on a few different occasions.     We both find her intriguing and have basically concluded about her what she concludes about herself – that she is an anomalously … Continue reading

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Marine double-amputee’s treatment on Delta flight angers other vets

On Dec. 13, 2011, Marine Lance Cpl. Christian Brown was leading his squad on a foot patrol in Afghanistan’s Helmand province when he stepped on an explosive device that blew off both his legs, one above the knee, the other … Continue reading

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