Gunny G: Is What This Country Needs Right Now A David Crockett To Write Real Americans A Stirring Letter…?

Gunny G: Is What This Country Needs Right Now Is A David Crockett To Write Real Americans  A Stirring  Letter…?

In the 1960 John Wayne movie, The Alamo, Duke Wayne plays the role of David Crockett.


GyGRet (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

Just prior to the battle where they are besieged by General Santa Ana and his forces, Crockett receives a letter from Santa Ana.
At that time, morale is sagging and a certain amount of uncertainty and hesitation is growing. Crockett then decides to read the letter to his men.


Crockett : Talking about whose ox gets gored, figure this : fellow gets in the habit of goring oxes, whets his appetite. He may come up north next and gore yours ! Men, we’re in a little fix, sort of. The he-bull around here, general Santa Anna, he’s mad at us.
Beekeeper : Yeah ?
Crockett : He’s wrote us a letter. I can’t read it, it’s in Spanish, (winking at Flaca Smile but the young lady will.

Graciela : It is addressed to Davy Crockett, and the Tennesseans who accompany him. “Be it known : you are interlopers in a country where you are neither wanted nor welcome. [Music : Degüello] This is the order you are given : depart with all haste and at once, because it has come to our attention that you are possibly considering joining the rebels now a-skulking in the mission. This is not your fight. Depart. Should you fail to abide by this order, I shall chastise you even unto death. Signed: Generalìssimo Antonio Miguel de Santa Anna.”

Beekeeper : Huh ! Fellow kinda fancies himself, don’t he ? Sure does have a big sounding name…

Tennessean : Givin’ us orders… Who do he think he am ? Andy “by God” Jackson ?

Thimblerig : Riles me when somebody tells me to go here, or I can’t go there.

Beekeeper : I ain’t never been run outta no place… Except the time my old paw kicked me over every acr’of th’half-rig section back in Ohio. But I was just a shirt-tail kid then — ‘n’ my paw had big feet.
Thimblerig : Well what do you say, Davy ? ’We gonna let this man tell us what we can or can’t do?
Smitty, crossing his arms : Davy, maybe we’d better saddle up and pay this fella a visit. (All look at him.)
Bob : Do chastise mean what I think it do ?
“It do” : It do.

Beekeeper : Davy, let’s do saddle up and go learn that gentleman his manners !

Crockett : We won’t have to. He is wearing out horses coming toward us.
Beekeper : Hm hm… Guess we can’t stop him from coming… But I reckon we can arrange for him to limp going back !
Tennessean : I swear I’s beginning to think these Texicans wasn’t as neighborly as they might be, but here they’ve gone and arranged a nice fight for us visitors.

Crockett : One thing I’ll oughta tell you — Santa Anna never wrote that letter. I did. Or rather, I had this lady here write it. I was figuring how to tell you fellas about this Texican hoedown. And I was wondering what this Santa Anna woul’ve said to us Tennesseans if he’d had had a chance to say it.

Beekeeper : Davy, I ain’t never said I ain’t been whooped. I have. But I give each and everyone fella a chance to dig in and get the job done. But I ain’t never took nobody’s word in advance they’s gonna chast… to…
Thimblerig, standing up : Chastise.
Beekeeper : Chastise, much obliged.

Thimblerig : Well, speak up, Davy. We’re gonna stay ain’t we ?

Crockett : Well, I’m… I’m thinking it over.

Beekeeper : What is there to think about ? You’ getting that old ? ‘Man toed the mark and dared us ! Chastise, he said !
Bull : That’s right, chastise !

Crockett : But I wrote the letter !

Beekeeper : Oh, now don’t you start weaselin’ ! You said yourself them would be the very words he’d write us, even he was to write us a letter !
Crockett : Well, gentlemen… You convinced me. We’ll fight.
Beekeeper : Ah ! That’s more like it !

Tennesseans : Now you’re talkin’, Davy.
Crockett : But first, the young lady and I will take a pasear. Gather up your possibles and I’ll meet up with you later.
Tennessean : Right, Davy.

Crockett, to Seguin : Con permiso…
[Music : Ballad coda]
Graciela : Your spanish is improving.

Beekeeper : Kind of cheers me to see the Colonel with that lady. Last couple of years he had me worried. Lately, he ain’t been looking at the girls like he’s starved. [Music shifts to Love theme.]

Thimblerig : Being in congress has ruined many a good man.
Of course at that time the population of America was not what it is today, neither in numbers nor the kinds of men and women that now make up our population.
It is often now pointed out that, for instance, the George Pattons, Chesty Pullers, Curtis LeMays, etc. have been systematically weeded from the ranks. Both civilian and military for that matter.

Is what we need today a calibre of leader to step forward and light the fire in the hearts of real Americans?

And, how would this be done?

The big questions are:

1. Is there a leader the equivalent of Crockett who could do so now?, and…

2. Are there likewise such  followers that will follow?

Even if so, in today’s modern, technological society, is it practical to expect success?

And many more questions.

Something to think about….








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