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Thus it can come as no surprise that “A Wicked War” is a study of “the rise of America’s first national anti-war movement.”


In outlining her book’s purposes she writes: “Looking closely at the writings of politicians, soldiers, embedded journalists, and average Americans watching events in Mexico from a distance, it contends that the war was actively contested from its beginning and that vibrant and widespread anti-war activism ultimately defused the movement to annex all of Mexico to the United States at the close of the war. …



gophum (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


‘A Wicked War’ reveals how frequently volunteer and regular soldiers, as well as their officers, expressed their own ambivalence toward the conflict.”



More than anything, though, it was Clay, then 70 years old, who, speaking in November 1847 in his home state of Kentucky “where pro-war fervor still ran high,” gave the most eloquent expression to the wrongs his beloved country had committed in the name of self-interest:


via Fighting Manifest Destiny – Book Review – Truthdig.





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