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JB Williams — Guns are NOT Responsible for Sandy Hook, Liberals are

The real issue is what kind of society is capable of creating, training, manipulating and motivating such individuals. The issue is the thin veil that separates the fantasy murder taking place in highly popular perverted movies and games from the real world with real victims.



GyGRet (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)


The issue is the broken family and the latchkey status of generations raised by an electronic babysitter, a problem caused by excessive taxation forcing every household to become a two-income household in which the children too often raise themselves.


The real issue is one that most Americans, especially those responsible for producing such a sick society, hope to avoid. The issue is an increasingly sick society capable of all sorts of evil.



Freedom is well-suited for a moral people only. An immoral, perverted, indoctrinated and aggravated society is not capable of freedom and liberty, without anarchy. The issue is an angry society on the brink of collapse.


The people responsible for the moral decay in our society are responsible for the natural consequences that come with any immoral society. It is no more complicated than that.


But rather than accepting responsibility, they choose to lay blame elsewhere, somewhere they can capitalize on the horrific tragedy of an event like Sandy Hook using the crisis to advance their evil agenda.


Gun grabbing is a very old and evil agenda of the political left. The purpose is not to make society more decent or secure, quite the contrary. Take the time to watch the true history of gun control to fully understand that agenda.


The American press is following the administration lead on exploiting Sandy Hook for gun control. It is already illegal to own fully automatic assault rifles in America without a Class Three License. So, all of the talk about banning class three assault weapons is utter nonsense. You cannot own one without federal approval now…………




via JB Williams — Guns are NOT Responsible for Sandy Hook, Liberals are.





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