Things that don’t add up… (CT shooting)… Etc!!!!!…update…

Now I’ve been watching this news for most of the day. Remarkably, it seems to change every few minutes.

First, we had the name change. Who exactly did the shooting? Ryan? Adam? Someone else?

Then, we hear that someone in camo garb or something was apprehended in the woods. When I first heard this, I assumed it was the brother and that was why there was confusion about the name.


GyGRet (Photo credit: GunnyG1345)

But turns out that the brother was actually at work – and was not in the woods. So who was in the woods?

We hear that the mother is a teacher at the school. Then we hear that she was actually a teachers assistant. Then I see a brief interview with someone who DOES work at the school and who says “Nobody here every heard of her.”

Then, tonight, she is reported as being unemployed.

First, the guns (which we have YET to get a clear description of the types and calibers) were stolen from the mother. Then, they were “legally purchased”… but no indication when or from where. Latest, a brief statement that they were “legally purchased with a license provided by a family member”… Now I’m not trying to label anybody here, but it sounds a little out of character that some suburban mom in small-town New England would have that many guns.


The ONLY picture we have seen of this guy so far is an out-of-focus pic taken in 2005! 2005? He didn’t have a drivers license? A girlfriend? I can’t see how he might get a gun without some sort of valid photo id.

Last I heard, only three of the children made it to the hospital. If so, this would be a stunning percentage kill-ratio wise for the guy. In fact in most public shootings, the vast majority are wounded, but not killed. Did this guy have some kind of training?

Too many loose ends. The story keeps changing.

Am I the only one who is having trouble thinking that this was just some whacko dude who blew a fuse and started shooting?


via Things that don’t add up… (CT shooting).


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